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LED LENSER X21 VT 5000-103
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LED Lenser X21 er en av de råeste LED lyktene på markedet med hele 1000 Lumen og med inntil 244 timers brukstid. Denne lykten MÅ testes!  

This masterpiece is another milestone in our company history. The LED LENSER® X21 will cause a sensation because it allows for a whole range of new applications in light engineering. The lamp has a light output of up to 1000 lumens*. Thanks to the Advanced Focus System, the light cone can be adjusted dynamically. 

You must have held this lamp in your hand to be able to really appreciate it. The LED LENSER® X21 offers a broad, circular low beam as well as a sharply focused searchlight beam. 7 ultra-bright high-performance chips and 7 terminator lenses produce a quality of light that you have never experienced before - a blazing beam that makes even car headlights look pale in comparison. This lamp’s lighting range is already legendary. And its impressive appearance radiates power and authority.


Tekniske Spesifikasjoner

LED: 7 x High End Power LED

Lengde: 395mm/39.5cm

Vekt: 1488g

Lumens: 1000lm

Batterier: 4 x D

Energi: 120Wh

Brenningstid: 244h

Rekkevidde: 535m






In 1994, we founded our company in a garage with 1,000 DM start up capital, a sketch book, a toolbox and an old Atari computer. We were obsessed with light and lamps, full of ideas, and frequentlyworked far into the night. In the few hours of sleep we needed, we dreamt of bright stars.

In our production halls, we manufacture mainly lamps with LED systems: 

flashlights, LED-living-room lamps, LED-chips for mobile phones, effect lamps, head lamps, signalling lamps, money detectors, work lamps, laser pointers, and special LED-reflectors. We are the world market leader in LED-metal-flashlights.

The sweeping success of our lamps results in the need for bigger facilities, so that we are currently building a new production plant.

Meanwhile, with more than 1,000 employees and three manufacturing bases, we produce a range of flashlights that is second to none worldwide. In this catalogue, we proudly present the results of passion, endeavour and 18 months of research and development: the latest generation of our LED LENSER® products.

Like science fiction lightsabers, these unique lamps cut through the darkness of night. Let them surprise you.